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*Steel Fabrication  *Cranage and Rigging  *Scafolding  *Dump Truck Tray Rebuilds
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Steel Fabrication

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  • Gadaleta Steel Fabrication have been providing solutions for energy producers, transport, construction, mining and minerals processing clients for 20 years.
  • Guaranteed solutions for building anything in steel.
  • We cater for any size job. Plant includes: Computer cutting, large roller and press.
  • Off site fabrication including structural steel, pipe work, ductwork, access platforms, machine guarding and vessels of all shapes and sizes.
  • Heavy plate fabrication.
  • Structural steel fabrication.
  • Pipe fabrication.
  • Tank fabrication.
  • Stainless steel fabrication.
  • Hoppers, furnace components, dampers, fan housings, chimneys and flues.
  • Specialist welding and welding of pressure parts, heat exchangers and cubicles.
Cranage and Rigging

  • With a variety of cranes for different tasks, GSF have an experienced and exceptionally talented team of qualified crane operators and riggers that can make difficult tasks possible.
  • From small to large structures, GSF have an exceptionally talented team of qualified and experienced scafolders, who have the ability to erect and dismantle scafolding around any plant, to provide a safe working platform for employees and contractors needing to work at heights - during maintenance, shutdowns and construction.
  • We strictly abide by Australian scafolding safety standards and provide a safe and secure environment 
Dump Truck Tray Rebuilds

  • From small repairs to complete dump truck tray rebuids, we  have specific expertise in getting the maximum amount of life out of a tray. We've been successfully doing dump truck tray rebuilds and relines, for the mining and quarrying industry, for quite a long time.
  • We know how important it is for our clients to have the least amount of down time of their large mobile plant. Our Whyalla workshop is geared to have very efficient turn around times.
On Site Maintenance, Instalation and Plant Removal
  • From design, fabrication and on site construction and installation of plant and equipment, we offer complete project solutions.
  • Site preparation, structural steel erection, equipment and conveyor systems installation.
  • Ongoing plant maintenance and shut downs.
  • Construction and Project management.
  • Commissioning and decommissioning - and removal of redundant plant.
Other Services
  • From large to small project solutions.
  • Structural, mechanical and civil contractors. 
  • Engineering.
  • Sandblasting and painting.
  • Labour hire.